The Reason Why The Double-axis Guide Is Called A High-speed Guide

- Mar 23, 2021-

The double-axis guide rail can run at high speed thanks to its roller bearing and steel shaft structure. The roller mounted on the slider is in contact with the steel shaft embedded in the aluminum profile, and the gap between the two can be adjusted to the best through the eccentric. The position enables the slider to run smoothly at high speed, with a maximum speed of 10 m/s.

   Then why can't other guide rails? For example, the common ball guide rail is in direct contact with the surface of the guide rail. When the slider moves quickly, the ball enters the directional device from the bearing raceway, and then enters the reverse hole of the slider. The wall of the reverse hole continuously exerts resistance on the ball, prompting it to change the direction of movement. If the speed is fast, the impact on the direction device will be too great, not only the loss of the reverser will increase, but also a lot of noise will be produced. Therefore, the ball guide is not suitable for high-speed operation. The general operating speed is about 2-3 meters/second, and rarely can reach 4 meters/second.