The New Type--TSRA\AS

- Apr 24, 2019-

       The TSR linear guide rail series changed the structure design the structure design for contact angle of steel ball,make the radial carrying capacity of the miniaturized benchmark is greatly improved,it’s very suitable for installation in horizontal direction.The addition of ball retainer eliminates friction between balls and improves the retention of grease. Thus,it achieved the operation of low noise, high speed and long-life use.


       Compared with TRH-A, TSR-A reduces the combined altitude.A steel ball contact structure with strong carrying capacity in the radial direction is adopted.It is most suitable for horizontal installation with limited height, and the bolts can be installed up and down.


        Compared with TRS-A, TSR-AS reduces the length of block ,suitable for use with limited length and height of block,and the bolts also can be installed up and down.