Special For High Precision Rolling Linear Guideway

- Jun 29, 2019-

The rolling linear guide is composed of slide rail, slide block, steel ball, reverser, oil injection cup, sealing parts, etc.
When the linear guide is working, the shot put rolls in the raceway which is made of high hardness treatment and dense forming grinding between the slideway and slider of high quality alloy steel, and makes infinite cyclic motion through the reverser at both ends of the slider, which makes the slider along the slideway easy to do high precision linear motion. Compared with the traditional sliding guidance, the friction coefficient of rolling guidance can be reduced to 1/50 of the original. Because the friction force of starting is greatly reduced, relatively less invalid motion occurs. Therefore, it can easily achieve the micron progressive feeding and positioning. Additionally, the design of the tie-in unit between the slider and the guide rail enables the straight-line guide to bear a certain amount of torque and load in various directions, such as up, down, left and right.
Dust-proof sealing end caps are installed at both ends of the The lubrication of the linear guide is accomplished by injecting lubricant into the oil injection cup.