Rails Are Very Promising Industries

- Oct 18, 2019-

Rails, how much potential does a small part have?


       More and more automated equipment replaces labor, and production efficiency is better than manual, while also saving production costs. And the core part of the guide rail behind the automation equipment, the guide rail can provide higher precision, faster and more accurate to complete a machining program.


       Now China advocates deepening reforms and introducing automation equipment. For example, industrial robots, ie modules, also have rails. We have seen its role in the industrial environment. In addition to reducing production costs, it also provides higher precision than manual, faster than manual speed, greatly improving production efficiency and improving production efficiency. . And each robot pulls the transaction of the three rails on average, and indirectly pulling the aluminum is still quite high.


       In addition to robots, other machine tools will also use rail-related products. At present, the number of machine tools in China has increased by 20 per year. The guide rails are still indirectly affected, and the demand is still increasing. The only pain point from 2010 to now is still in short supply. . Since entering the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the transfer mode has become the main line of China's industrial development. Whether it is developing new industries or upgrading traditional industries, it will bring rare opportunities to the rail industry.


       What is a rail? A linear guide is a guide rail that transmits motion from a specified point to the next point. Linear guides generally have their sides all in close contact with the equipment mounting base and are bolted.