Precautions For Linear Slides During Assembly

- Sep 17, 2019-


The line bearing has the main effect and value in the consumption and application. It can show excellent superiority in the application. However, there will be a certain amount of problems in the application. It must be processed and perfected in the consumption and portraying. Strict consequences and values occur in the application of practice.


The use of linear guides in industrial production is extremely common, and linear guides have the following three fundamental functions:


(1) Guide the movement of the carrier


(2) Supply a smooth moving surface to the carrier


(3) Transfer the force generated by the movement of the train or the cutting of the machine tool to the foundation or the bed, and reduce the impact of the resulting impact on the passenger and the forced machine.


Most of the activities along the rail system are linear and a small amount of arc motion. The focus of this article is on the linear guide system. Of course, many of the techniques of linear guides can directly apply curved guides.


Why is the guide rail called "institution"? This is because the homework of the rail system includes a number of components for a homework. The most basic components are a moving component and a fixed component. There are various methods for moving components, which will be described in detail in the future. The fixed component is usually a rail type, which is a guide tube with precision of the guide rail. If the guide rail is deformed by a wave, the moving component or the sliding component loses the correct guide.


Linear guides are high-definition navigation accessories. When installing and applying, you should be very careful. Otherwise, the surrounding will be uneven and the precision will fall. If the machine needs to change the guide rails and not the professional staff to lead the installation, the amateur staff may implement the installation process. Unprofessional skills, what are the obvious problems when installing the linear guide?


The guide rail is broken, or you want to promote the fine machining ability of the machine. The linear slider can be divided into: roller linear guide, cylindrical linear guide, ball linear guide, three kinds, which are used to support and guide the moving parts, press The direction of the reciprocating linear motion. It can be realized by changing the linear guide. The problem is how to get the best device. Actually, the linear guides purchased are only installed without disassembling the internal structure, and then installed according to the imitation order, and then the flat level of the four places is detected. The problem is, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of the plane of the device, and there must be no dust.