Clearance Of Linear Guide Operation

- Oct 09, 2019-

Clearance of linear guide operation


In order to ensure the normal operation of the linear guide rail, there should be a certain space between the guide rail and the machine equipment. If the clearance is too small, the grinding force will be increased; too much space will reduce the accuracy. How to ensure the clearance of linear guides? This requires a lot of labor. In addition, after a long time of use, the linear guide will increase the clearance due to running-in, and needs to be adjusted in time, so the linear guide should have some clearance to adjust the device.


Then the next small series will teach you how to adjust the CPC linear guide to adjust the gap.


The linear guide adjusts the gap method, and the linear guide needs to leave a certain space when it is straight. In the linear direction of the CPC linear guide, a pressure plate is generally used to adjust its lower planar clearance. Methods as below:


1. Combine the template or the lower platen.

2. Use some screws to adjust the inserted position.

3. Can change the number or thickness of the gasket.


It is very important to select the appropriate clearance for the linear guide. Generally speaking, considering the impact and impact that can be caused by the reciprocating motion, the choice of the negative clearance and the precise clearance can have a good influence on the use time and accuracy of the CPC guide. The adjustment of the CPC linear guide clearance is adjusted according to the requirements before leaving the factory to ensure that there is no collision between the guide rails.