Advantages Of Linear Guideway (2)

- Jul 12, 2019-

(1)Dust proof and sealing ability

Linear guideway has good dust-proof performance. Both ends of slide block are equipped with sealed end caps. Sealed negative film can be selected at the bottom. At the same time, fixed screw holes of slide track are equipped with dust-proof screw hole caps to prevent dust accumulation, so as to ensure the life and performance of products.

(2)Easy installation and interchange

Because of the precise processing technology, the straightness of the slide rail is high, the error of the installation screw hole in the slide rail is small, the installation is convenient, and the linear guide rail has interchangeability. The slider or slider or even the linear guide rail can be replaced separately, so that the machine can achieve high precision again.

(3)Large bearing capacity and strong stiffness

The linear guideway adopts Gothic four-point contact design. The arc groove with reasonable ratio not only reduces the contact stress, but also greatly improves the load capacity and stiffness when compared with V-shaped plane spherical point contact. Because the copper ball is symmetrical four-point beam system, it can be loaded in all directions at the same time, and almost no offset occurs, so the rigidity is more powerful to maintain high accuracy.