Advantages Of Linear Guideway (1)

- Jul 05, 2019-

(1)High working accuracy

   The motion of linear guideway is realized by rolling, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of sliding guideway, but also the difference between dynamic and static friction resistance becomes very small. It realizes smooth motion, reduces impact and vibration, and is not easy to crawl. Therefore, it can achieve UM progressive feeding and positioning accuracy, which is beneficial to improving the response speed and spirit of NC coefficient. Sensitivity,


(2)Reduce Driving Rate by a Big margin

   Because the friction force of the linear guide is very small when it moves, it only needs a small power, so it can make the machine move, and the power loss of the machine is obviously large, and the heat generated by friction is very little. It is a moving part suitable for high-speed, frequent start-up and commutation.


(3)Lubrication structure is simple

   Linear guideways are equipped with oil-filling cups on the slider, which can inject oil directly, and connect the oil supply pipe to lubricate the oil supply machine automatically, so that the wear can be reduced to less, so that the machine can maintain the main work for a long time.