About The Stallation And Adjustment Of Linear Guide

- Apr 02, 2019-

Installtion and Use


        Please handing the products gently to avoid to influence of the precision of the linear guide. The block is not allowed to detach the rail or push back to the rail when it is over stroke.If the block need to dismantle from the rail because of the difficulty assembly, you can order the fake rail from us.


        A .Check the mounting surface;


        B . Set the reference- side of guideway opposite to the reference side of installing step.


        C. Check the position of the bolt hole, to determine the correct position.


        D.Preloading ot fix the bolt, make the reference- side of guideway closely connect to the side of installing step


        E.Finally screw down the bolt


        F. Tightened the fastening screws of block in turn