What to pay attention to when linear guide module

- Mar 26, 2020-

What to pay attention to when linear guide module

Linear guides are also called linear guides, slide guides, linear guides, and linear guides. They are used for linear reciprocating motions, and can bear a certain amount of torque. In mainland China, it is called linear guide, Taiwan is generally called linear guide, linear slide. Then what needs to be noticed in the linear guide module, the linear guide manufacturer will inform you.

Things to note:

One: static protection

Be sure to ground the linear module and controller.

Two: stop the application in the case of electromagnetic wave

Please do not use it in the place with electromagnetic damage, electrostatic discharge, infinite magnetic wave, etc.

Three: Attentions when braking linear modules of vertical equipment

Before removing the brake, cover the upper and lower shafts with a stop or other objects.

Four: Pay attention to gripping hands

When operating the linear module, please be careful not to put your hands or other objects into the motion range of the linear module.

Five: Handle the loss and abnormality of the linear module

If the linear module shows an abnormal situation or loss, please stop using it immediately and contact our technicians.

Six: Matters needing attention in the event of high temperature of the motor and reducer

High temperature may occur during operation of the motor and the reducer. When viewing the linear module, you must admit that the motor and the reducer stop rotating and contact before the temperature drops.