What should be prepared for linear guide manuf

- Jun 15, 2020-

What should be prepared for linear guide manufacturers before installation?

1. Calibration of machine level.

      Requirements: Use two contour blocks and a marble ruler on the mounting base, and put the level on the base to adjust the level of the base. The base is required to be convex (2 to 3 grids).

2. Check the surface roughness, flatness, straightness and appearance of the mounting base.

      Requirement: After horizontal adjustment, use laser interferometer to measure the flatness of the main rail mounting base surface (we usually use a rail surface near the right column as the main rail). The flatness is allowed to be 0.05mm in every 10m, and the straightness of the full stroke Convex 0.03mm is allowed. Roughness is required to be 1.6, and the appearance is free of casting damage.

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3. Chamfering of guide rail mounting base surface and guide rail side reference mounting surface.

      Requirement: The chamfer radius is less than or equal to 3.5mm. If the chamfer is too large or protruding, you should use oil stone and file in time, otherwise it will cause poor installation of the guide rail precision or interfere with the slider.

4. Machining the threaded holes of the guide rail mounting base.

      Requirement: Confirm whether the position of the mounting screw holes is correct. The distance between each connected screw hole is 120mm greater than 0.1mm or less than 0.1mm. To ensure high-precision screw hole processing, it is required to use CNC equipment for positioning and processing.