What kind of material is the linear guide?

- Dec 18, 2019-

What kind of material is the linear guide?

Many of the linear guide materials are made of chrome bearing steel. Commonly used as GCr15, carburized bearing steels such as G20CrMo can also be considered. The structural design should pay attention to the quenching process requirements, otherwise there will be cracking and deformation.


       Linear sliders can be divided into: roller linear guides, cylindrical linear guides, and ball linear guides. They are used to support and guide moving parts and make reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. Depending on the nature of the friction, linear motion guides can be classified into sliding friction guides, rolling friction guides, elastic friction guides, and fluid friction guides.


       Linear Guides

       Nature: Rolling guide

       Features: less wear, can maintain accuracy for a long time, etc.

       For a rolling guide, the steel platform can make an infinite rolling cycle between the slider and the slide rail, and the load platform can easily move linearly along the slide rail with high precision. In addition, the design of the beam unit between the slider and the slide rail enables the linear guide rail to bear the load in all directions, such as up, down, left and right. The above display features are not comparable to the conventional sliding guide, so if the machine can cooperate with the ball screw, The use of linear guides for guidance will greatly improve equipment accuracy and mechanical efficiency. Compared with the traditional sliding guide, the friction coefficient of the rolling guide can be reduced to 1/50 of the original. Since the friction of the starting is greatly reduced, relatively less ineffective motion occurs, so the μm level feeding and positioning can be easily achieved. .



       (1) Less wear and can maintain accuracy for a long time

       The traditional sliding guide will inevitably cause poor platform motion accuracy due to the reverse flow of the oil film, and the lubrication will not be sufficient due to the movement, resulting in the wear of the running track contact surface, which seriously affects the accuracy. The wear of the rolling guide is very small, so the machine can maintain accuracy for a long time.


       (2) High positioning accuracy

       When the linear guide is used as the linear guide, since the friction of the linear guide is rolling friction, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide, but also the difference between the dynamic friction and the static friction is small. Therefore, when the bed is running, there is no slippage, and the positioning accuracy of μm can be achieved.


(3) Suitable for high-speed motion and greatly reduce the driving horsepower required for the machine

Since the friction of the linear guide is very small, the bed can be operated with less power, especially when the bed works in a regular round-trip operation, and the power loss of the machine can be significantly reduced. And because of the small heat generated by its friction, it can be applied to high speed operation.


(4) It can withstand loads in the up, down, left and right directions at the same time

Due to the special beam structure design of the linear guide rail, it can bear the load in the up, down, left and right directions at the same time. Unlike the sliding guide, the lateral load that can be withstood in the direction of the parallel contact surface is light, which is easy to cause the running precision of the machine. .


(5) Simple lubrication structure

If the sliding guide is insufficiently lubricated, it will cause the contact surface metal to directly rub the bed, and the sliding guide is not easy to be lubricated. It is necessary to drill the oil in the proper position of the bed. The linear guide has been equipped with a grease nipple on the slider. It can be directly greased with a grease gun. It can also be replaced with a special oil pipe joint to connect the oil supply pipe to lubricate the automatic oil supply machine.


(6) Easy to assemble and interchangeable

As long as the assembly surface of the slide rails on the bed table is milled or ground, and the slide rails and the sliders are respectively fixed to the machine table with a specific torque according to the recommended steps, the high precision during machining can be reproduced. Conventional sliding guides require shoveling of the running track, which is both time consuming and time consuming, and once the machine is not accurate, it must be shoveled again. The linear guides are interchangeable, and the sliders or slide rails or even the linear guide rails can be replaced separately, and the machine can regain high-precision guidance.


       According to the friction characteristics, the guide rail can be divided into a sliding friction guide rail, a rolling friction guide rail, an elastic friction guide rail and a fluid friction guide rail. It is very common in our daily life. Slides such as sliding doors, chutes on curtains, rails on trains, etc. use guide rails, which are mainly used to support and guide moving parts, and make round-trip motion according to the specified direction. High-precision linear motion can be achieved under high load conditions.