What are the advantages of the silver straight guide

- May 15, 2020-

What are the advantages of the silver straight guide

The upper silver straight guide is a kind of tumbling support. By using steel balls to perform infinite tumbling cycles between the slider and the slide rail, the load channel can easily move linearly along the slide rail with high accuracy.

1.High positioning accuracy

When using the silver straight guide rail as the linear guide, because the conflict mode of the silver straight guide is rolling conflict, not only the conflict coefficient drops to 1/50 of the sliding guide, but also the gap between the dynamic conflict force and the static conflict force becomes small. . Therefore, when the bed is running, there will be no slippage, and positioning accuracy of μm level can be achieved.

2.Simple assembly and interchangeability

During assembly, as long as the assembly surface of the guide rail on the bed is milled or ground, and the guide rail and the slider are fixed on the machine with a specific torque according to the claimed process, the high precision during processing can be reproduced. The traditional sliding support requires shoveling of the running track, which is time-consuming and time-consuming, and once the accuracy of the machine is poor, it is necessary to shovel again. The upper silver straight guide rails are interchangeable. They can be replaced with sliders or guide rails or even the upper silver straight guide rail groups. The machine can obtain high-precision support from the beginning.

Silver straight rail

3, less wear can maintain accuracy for a long time

Traditional sliding support inevitably results in poor channel motion accuracy due to greasy backflow, and due to insufficient smoothness during motion, the wear of the running track contact surface severely affects accuracy. However, the wear of the tumbling support is very small, so the machine can maintain accuracy for a long time.

4, can bear the load of up, down, left and right directions at the same time

Because of the special bundle structure design of the upper silver straight guide rail, it can bear the load in the up, down, left and right directions at the same time. Unlike the sliding lift, the side load in the direction of the parallel contact surface is lighter, which is likely to cause poor machine accuracy.

5.Smooth structure is simple

If the sliding support is lacking in smoothness, it will form a direct collision between the contact surface metal and the loss of the bed. However, it is not simple to make the sliding support smooth and sufficient, and it is necessary to drill and supply oil at the proper orientation of the bed. The upper silver straight rail has been equipped with a grease nipple on the slider, which can be directly greased with a grease gun, or can be replaced by a special oil pipe connector to connect the oil supply pipe, so that the automatic oil supply machine is smooth.

6.Suitable for high-speed movement and drastically reduces the driving horsepower required by the machine

Because the conflict force is very small when the silver straight guide rail moves, only a small amount of power is needed to make the bed run, especially when the bed works in a regular reciprocating operation, which can significantly reduce the power loss of the machine. And because the heat generated by the conflict is small, it is suitable for high-speed operation.