Visual inspection of the green path of linear guides

- Jan 17, 2020-

Visual inspection of the green path of linear guides

In order to improve the performance and quality assurance of the functional transmission parts of CNC machine tools, there are higher requirements for processing speed, accuracy, life and stability, and so on. Under the guidance of civilized trends, the performance of machine tools and With the increase in the requirements of numerical control, the ball linear guide pair will present a green design trend towards environmental protection in the future, follow sustainable development policies, and formulate more reasonable and effective countermeasures based on the concept of green environmental protection. So as to protect people's lives and create a better tomorrow.


       Through daily contact understanding and discussion, we found that the main source of noise generated by the rolling linear guide pair is the collision between the rolling body, the end cover and the raceway. For sound pressure levels in the range of 100 to 20000 Hz, sound noise can be reduced by incorporating lightweight ceramic balls. In addition, according to actual measurement, when the speed of movement is in the range of 0.3 to 1.17 m / s, the noise of the steel ball rolling body is 60.0 to 76.9 dB, while the noise of the ceramic steel ball is 55 to 71 dB, and the average noise reduction is 4.5 db. This can better solve the noise problem of the rolling linear guide pair.


       In order to adapt the rolling linear guide pair to semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, a vacuum fluorine lubricant can be used. Due to the low incidence of dust on the fluorine lubricant, the only disadvantage is that the durability and rust resistance of the fluorine lubricant are not high, not to mention the rust prevention ability is very important for the linear guide pair.


       In order to solve this problem, the researchers found that if a martensitic stainless steel material is used as the guide rail pair of stainless steel, its performance such as load rating is the same as that of a standard guide rail pair. On the basis of rust prevention and light reflection prevention, the surface of the guide rail pair needs to be treated. In consideration of rust prevention performance, durability, cost and other aspects, it is recommended to use black chrome-plated electrolytic rust prevention black film surface treatment technology. In addition, we can use fluorinated low-temperature spraying method to coat a layer of fluorine resin coating to further improve its rust resistance. This is also a very good choice!