Talking about the Ball Screw of Large CNC Machine Tool and Its Basic Installation Method

- Sep 09, 2019-

The ball screw pair of a large-scale CNC machine tool is a screw transmission element with a ball as a rolling element between the screw and the nut. It is an advanced transmission component with precise, high efficiency, high rigidity, high life and energy saving. The rotary motion of the motor can be converted into linear motion of the table. Therefore, it is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, especially in CNC machine tools and machining centers, providing good conditions for efficient and high-speed operation of the main engine. With the increasing accuracy of CNC machine tools and machining centers, the XY table is AX type. The high precision of the ball screw pair has become an inevitable trend of development, and its mounting accuracy on the main machine has gradually become a prominent problem in assembly. In order to meet the requirements of machine coordinate position accuracy, reduce the lead screw winding, prevent radial and offset loads, reduce the temperature rise and thermal deformation of the screw shaft system, reduce the transmission torque of the servo motor and improve the machine tool continuity. For the reliability of the work, it is necessary to improve the mounting accuracy of the ball screw pair on the machine tool.         The common installation method of machine tool ball screw pair:         Ball screw pairs are usually installed in the following ways: double push-free mode; double push-support mode; double push-double push mode.


The large horizontal machining center is an efficient machining equipment with high performance, high rigidity and high precision electromechanical integration. It is an ideal processing equipment for processing all kinds of high precision transmission box parts and other large molds. Its three coordinate directions are driven by a servo motor to drive the rolling screw. The three coordinate directions, namely X, Y and Z, have a large working stroke. Due to the structural characteristics of the ball screw pair, the installation of the ball screw pair in the three directions on the main machine becomes particularly critical.