Stop using in flammable gas and other environments

- Apr 15, 2020-

One: Stop using in flammable gas and other environments

1. There is no explosion-proof standard for linear modules.

2. Do not use in flammable gas, flammable powder, flammable liquid and other environments.

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Two: matters needing attention when checking the controller

1. When looking at the controller, touching the terminals on the outside of the controller, or connecting terminals, cut off the power to the controller in order to avoid static electricity.

2. The inside of the controller must not be touched.

Three: Safety matters of the protective block (collision block)

1. The protective block planning equipment is to prevent the risk of power (electricity, air pressure, etc.) from disappearing or changing.

2. The protective block has the risk of blessing the object when it falls. For the investigation of the size, weight, temperature, and chemical properties of the object, the safety monitoring and protection test is appropriately adopted.

Four: operating instructions

1. Before the linear module equipment, it is necessary to read the operation instructions and the instructions of the equipment manual for operation.

2. If there is no equipment, adjustment, inspection, maintenance, operation, etc. in the operation manual, please do not operate.

Five: Pay attention when proceeding automatically

1. Please set up a safety fence at the movable range of the linear module.

2. At the entrance of the safety protection fence, please plan emergency switching equipment.

3. Please try not to enter or exit from other than the relevant emergency switch equipment.

Six: Stop removing, altering and endangering the warning sign

1. Stop the removal of the warning sign without permission.

2. Do not cover the warning signs with nearby machinery or objects.

3. Make sure that the pattern of the warning sign is clearly visible from the outside of the safety fence.