Sliding rail application

- Jan 11, 2019-

The sliding guide rail has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and large contact rigidity. However, the conventional sliding guide rail has large frictional resistance, fast wear, large difference in dynamic and static friction factors, and easy creeping phenomenon at low speed. In order to improve the positioning accuracy and smoothness of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools have widely used plastic guide rails on CNC machine tools. The friction coefficient is small; the dynamic and static friction factors are similar, the motion is stable, and the low-speed crawling phenomenon can be prevented; the wear resistance is good, the self-lubricating effect and the vibration resistance are good; the chemical stability is good; the process is simple and the cost is low.

In general, the most notable features of sliding plastic guide rails are excellent rigidity, vibration absorption (suppressing vibration generated during cutting of the tool), and damping (prevention of vibration when the rail system starts or stops), which is suitable for machine tools with large cutting loads. And the cost is low, economical and practical.