Processing of linear guides depends on which performance indicators

- Jan 29, 2020-

Processing of linear guides depends on which performance indicators


With the continuous innovation and reform of industrial automation technology, China's machine tool industry has developed rapidly, and some related industries have also achieved good development. This is especially true for the linear guide market. At this point, everyone must understand that the development of mechanical automation comes from the improvement of scientific and technological performance. Its development cannot be separated from the improvement of technical skills. In the process of daily processing, What performance determines the index of linear guide?


       In the 21st century, at present, linear bearings and guide rails are transmission components in mechanical automation production. What shape the product is processed on depends on the CNC machine tool itself, and cannot completely depend on the performance factors of linear guide rails. Because the machine tool itself has reached a certain index in structure and performance.


       In addition, technical engineering tells us that in terms of system principle design, some machine tools are dual-axis linkages, and the development is now 5-axis linkages. These are actually closely related to linear guides. The higher the performance of the guides, the greater the number of linkages it supports. In this way, it is possible to process some more complex zero-moving parts in processing, even in any form. can be completed.


       Although the processing performance of the product is controlled by the structure of the machine tool, with the help of linear guides, the later processing process is more convenient and faster, and there is a certain impact on the product itself. It is assumed that under the 3-axis linkage With the guide rail, the performance will be more powerful and faster.


       In the processing process, accuracy is the most important performance. Linear guides can do this in processing. If the system and machine tool equipment are determined, assuming suitable guides can directly improve the overall processing performance.