Micro-rail features

- Nov 26, 2019-

Micro-rail features

With the advancement of industrial technology civilization, the new power development brought about. From traditional manufacturing reforms to smart manufacturing today. I have to say the pace of the times and have taken a big step towards the world. Especially in mobile phones, 3C digital, computer, portable, the process is more and more advanced, are ultra-thin. However, the production of these and indispensable transmission components, then where are these functions?


       Miniature linear guides provide four-way load with a ball cage design. When the slider is released from the slide rail, the steel ball is not dropped, and the patented reflow design provides good smoothness. Four process characteristics:


       1. The patented lubricating oil circuit design can uniformly inject lubricating grease into each circulation loop, which can obtain the best lubrication effect regardless of various installation methods, and improve the overall walking smoothness and service life, achieving high precision and high Reliability and smooth and stable linear motion requirements.

       High-quality products will bring convenience to your production, so that you will not encounter the need to change products frequently, you can maximize the benefits of machinery when you are working, so that manufacturers and us have more and better post-cooperation and development of.


       2. High positioning accuracy, good running, smooth running, low noise, suitable for high-speed applications, interchangeable features, in line with international standards.


       3. MR series linear slide adopts 4 rows of arc contact type and 45° contact angle steel ball column design, providing the same rated load capacity in radial, reverse radial and transverse directions, regardless of X, Y, Z and other axes. Various mounting methods can be used, and the preload can be uniformly applied while maintaining low frictional resistance, and the rigidity of the four force directions is enhanced, which is particularly suitable for high-precision and high-load motion.


       4, cost-effective, the material is Germany's high-quality steel, cryogenic treatment, high-steel four-direction load design, with automatic self-aligning ability, can maintain accuracy for a long time.


       Application range:

       Miniaturized equipment, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, IC manufacturing equipment, X-Y table, precision measurement and testing equipment, high-speed belt drive equipment, high-speed transfer equipment, etc. The specific application parts are mechanical pick and place arms, fixtures, consumer OA products, high-priced computer peripheral machinery.