Manufacturers warn of reasons for easy damage to linear guides

- Jul 31, 2020-

High temperature

      Whether the equipment is in a high temperature environment or the friction of the linear guide is used to heat the fast feed, the guide is kept under abnormal conditions, and the high temperature guide is lubricated. If in the long run, the temperature exceeding 130 ° C will reduce the life of the linear guide.


The main causes of high temperature are:

   Insufficient or excessive lubrication

     2. Improper lubricant selection. Many equipment manufacturers believe that thicker lubricants will allow equipment to run longer without relubrication. That is not true. Viscous lubricants increase the friction between the linear guide and the slider, increasing its internal temperature. On the other hand, the lubricating oil is not thin, which will cause the lubricating oil to be consumed, lost, and evaporated faster, resulting in insufficient lubrication. In the end, it causes high temperatures and burns. Therefore, we generally emphasize that equipment manufacturers can regularly maintain transmission components to ensure the life of linear guides.


      3.Some devices are used in harsh environments, because the dust in the air is too large, causing a lot of impurities, part of the rolling slider that cannot be seen by the naked eye, which will also affect the shelf of the friction coefficient, its preload and clearance . In severe cases, the rolling elements will be corroded, and eventually the motor will be jammed and burned.