Machine tool guide oil selection

- Jan 11, 2019-

Based on experience and data, the following factors are mainly considered when selecting machine guide rail lubricants.

(1) Lubricating oil used as both a hydraulic medium and a guide oil. According to the needs of different types of machine guide rails, it is possible to select the guide rail lubricant which is also used as the hydraulic medium, which meets the requirements of the guide rail and meets the requirements of the hydraulic system. For example, for a machine tool like a coordinate boring machine, the viscosity of the rail oil (50 ° C) should be chosen higher (40 ~ 90mm2 / s), but like various types of grinding machines, the rail lubricant is often supplied by the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system The requirements are high and must be met. At this time, the viscosity of the rail-hydraulic lubricating oil (50 ° C) should be selected lower (20 ~ 40 mm2 / s), that is, the viscosity required for the hydraulic system.

(2) Select the viscosity according to the sliding speed and the average pressure.

(3) According to the actual application of machine tool guide lubrication at home and abroad. When choosing to use the guide rail lubricant, you can also refer to the actual application examples of the existing machine tool guide rail lubrication at home and abroad.