Linear guide with automation

- Feb 02, 2020-

Linear guide with automation

Previously, linear guides were mainly used in automated machinery and equipment and were widely used. So far, the effect of bearings using spherical ball elements is still significant. It is worth mentioning that if you do not increase the envelope size, you need a higher load capacity than square ball guides. When used in conjunction with a square and a circle, the effect is far beyond our imagination.


       The function of the ball screw guide is to support and guide the moving parts, and perform linear reciprocating motion according to a given direction. This has a very indirect relationship with the magnitude of the friction force. The intermediate element is not required between the moving element and the fixed element of the linear guide, but rolling steel balls are used instead. The rolling steel ball is suitable for high-speed motion, has a small friction coefficient, high sensitivity, and meets the working requirements of moving parts, thereby greatly promoting the rapid development of the automated mechanization industry.


       In order to improve the sensitivity of the system and reduce the resistance of the system, the preload is reduced accordingly. In order to improve the motion accuracy and accuracy stability, higher requirements are placed on the automatic function of the linear guide.


       The linear guide's automation function can spread the force and expand its bearing area. In order to achieve this purpose, the groove shape of the linear guide system has a variety of shapes, that is, we often talk about circles and squares, the combination of the two, there is still much room for improvement in the development of the performance of automated machinery.