Introducing the content of linear guides

- Nov 18, 2019-

Introducing the content of linear guides

1. Characteristics of linear guides

High-precision positioning: The working principle of the linear guide is realized by rolling the steel ball. The working principle of the guide linear linear guide is realized by the rolling of the steel ball. The friction resistance of the guide rail is small, and the difference between the dynamic and static frictional resistance is small. Therefore, low speed crawling is not easy. Repeated positioning accuracy is very suitable for repeated movement of parts.


2. Suitable for high speed operation, low power drive

CNC machines with linear guides can reduce the required energy and power transmission due to the small friction, making them smaller and simpler, thus reducing the transmission torque, reducing the use of motor beds and improving the efficiency of the airport.


3. Easy to disassemble, assemble and interchange

Manufacturers who have used traditional guide rails need to know that the traditional guide rail surface needs to be scraped and polished, which is not only troublesome and time consuming, but once the accuracy of the machine tool is not accurate, it needs to be scraped and polished once. At present, linear guides are interchangeable, and the machine can regain high precision by replacing the guide rails or sliders.


4. Reduce wear and tear

The need for fluid lubrication of the perforated slide, and the accuracy of motion accuracy due to oil slick are unavoidable. Of course, in most cases, the liquid lubricant is a limited boundary, but the friction material in this membrane consumes a large amount of energy. This is a conventional guide rail, compared with a linear linear guide. On the other hand, since the rolling contact friction energy loss is small, the wear of the rolled surface is relatively reduced, so that the guide rail system on the machine tool can be highly accurate for a long time. The state of the machine can also reduce the amount of lubricant used, and it is very easy to maintain the machine tool very high.


5. Linear guides have a stronger load carrying capacity than conventional guide rails

At present, the linear guide rail has better bearing capacity, and the performances of seismic and rocking power are better, which is also the reason for the better bearing capacity of the linear guide. Of course, if proper preloading in design and manufacture can increase the resistance to increase the vibration resistance, the phenomenon of high frequency vibration can also be eliminated.