How to prevent the beads of the slide rail from falling off

- Jan 21, 2020-

How to prevent the beads of the slide rail from falling off

With the increasing application of slide rail sliders in the machine tool CNC industry, feedback problems have also increased. Some customers may operate improperly before use, causing the beads of the slide rail to fall off. So how to avoid this situation? Let's listen to our analysis of Dongguan Chuangweida technical engineer.


       When installing or removing the slider, be sure to use a clamp rail, use the clamp rail to align the cross section of the slide rail, and slowly push the guide rail to prevent the steel balls from falling down.


       As you can see from the above, first of all, before we are going to deal with the slide-off slider beads falling off, we need to understand what is the reason? It can be imagined where this root comes from? Secondly, we should be clear whether the staff who installed the slide block have some understanding of the installation method. If they do not clearly understand the installation method, we can start from this aspect, provide technical guidance, and explain specific installation details. In order to prevent the shedding of the rail slider beads.


       In addition, the technical engineer also told us that anti-stick adhesive can be used on both sides of the slide rail, so that it is not easy to fall off during use. We can also buy some rubber belts on the market and wear them on both ends of the slide rail hole without affecting the slide rail to prevent it.


       In summary, there are many ways to prevent the slide rail slider beads from falling off. In practice, we should constantly learn new methods. In this way, we have learned more methods. In the future, the situation that the slide rail slider beads fall off will naturally become less and less.