How to judge the quality change of linear guide grease

- Feb 07, 2020-

How to judge the quality change of linear guide grease

After long-term use of CNC machine parts, there will always be an unsmooth phenomenon. The main cause of this situation is the change in grease. In this regard, the editor gives the following methods for your reference. When there is such a situation Now, you can understand why.


       During our operation, the grease of the linear guide is affected by the external environment (such as water, air, dust, or harmful gases, etc.), and physical and chemical changes will occur when it is affected by the mechanical force generated by the relative movement (ramming, cutting, etc.) .


       Physical change:

       Due to the poor sealing conditions of the mechanical lubricating component parts, the grease is mixed with lime soil, impurities and moisture, resulting in poor grease quality. Due to the change in mechanical action, the internal structure of the grease is affected, causing damage, resulting in a decrease in the consistency of the grease and a deterioration in the lubrication effect.


       chemical reaction:

       Due to the action of light, heat and air, the fat will be oxidized and deteriorated. When the base oil is oxidized, trace amounts of organic acids, aldehydes, ketones and lactones will be produced. Fatty acids and organometallic salts in the thickener may occur. Decomposes to form trace organic acids.

       When the acid value of the grease increases to the highest level, it will cause the lubricated linear guide element components to cause corrosion and rust, which will directly lose the function of lubrication and protection.


       Judging method:

       Grease can be felt with the naked eye or hands with dust, mechanical impurities, or it can become white, lighter, or significantly less thick due to the emulsification of water-containing grease. Grease is showing signs of deterioration.