How to better design and manufacture ball screws

- Sep 10, 2019-

How to better design and manufacture ball screws  


In the manufacture of ball screws, how to better design and manufacture ball screws, in the ball screw, we need the following major clarifications, master the following six points, will let our ball screw , more complete display.    One: When designing the ball screw, it is necessary to think carefully and concretely. The ball screw design should not be changed as soon as it is reviewed. In particular, it should not be changed later. The change can delay the construction, add costs. This is very capable of forming a lot of trouble. If the design and construction costs are too much, the ball screw designer should take responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear budgetary norms, control expenditures, arrange all projects and specifications in advance, and do design and construction tasks within the budget.

Two:The ball screw design is simple and clear  

Conciseness and clarity are a better way to attract viewers. Ordinary people can only afford limited information when they are jealous. The audience is hurried, and if you can't get the information you know when you are, you won't be interested. In addition, the complexity of mechanical equipment can also easily reduce the task efficiency of mechanical equipment personnel. For exhibits to choose representative furnishings, there must be a choice, and they must be abandoned. Photos, charts, and texts should be clear and concise. Design decoration that has nothing to do with the purpose of the exhibition and the content of the exhibition should be reduced to a lower level.

Three: the ball screw design should be raised with emphasis 

The ball screw should have a middle and a core. The core of mechanical equipment can attract attention. The core choice should be to serve the purpose of the exhibition. Ordinary will be a special product, a new product, the most important product may be the product of attention. After the status, placement, lighting and other tricks. On the other hand, it is to use appropriate colors, charts and placements to create a consistent impression in a coordinated manner.

Four: Ball screw design must be common       

Exotic can attract more viewers, and it will be easier to identify and find, so that viewers who enter the mechanical equipment will also be impressed, and will be touched back later. Design should be common, but don't leave the purpose and trade image.

Five: Ball screw design should start from the perspective of the target audience     

The success of the exhibition depends on the interest and repercussions of the audience on a large scale. The design of the ball screw should be based on the goals, mood, interest, concept, and reaction of the target audience. Designed from the perspective of the target audience, it easily attracts the attention and consensus of the target audience, and leaves a deep impression on the target audience.     

Six: Ball screw design to think about space     

The ball screw designer also has to think about the number of mechanical equipment personnel and the number of viewings. Congested machinery and equipment are not efficient, and some target audiences will be lost. The mechanical equipment that is in turn will have the same result. In this regard, the area of mechanical equipment is the primary factor.


Good ball screw design, there is a co-ordination thinking, better and more complete mastery of the details of each product, so that the product can be better displayed.