How to avoid the vibration generated during the operation of the linear slide

- Jan 19, 2020-

How to avoid the vibration generated during the operation of the linear slide

The linear slide rail is the main source of vibration that is difficult to control. Because the vibration screen is a large excitation force to maintain the limit speed and friction coefficient of the linear slide rail in working operation, the radial force of the linear slide rail is very large. During the work of the vibrating screen, a large part of the exciting force will cause the elastic vibration of the linear slide system. If poor lubrication occurs, excessive friction will occur, which will cause the temperature of the linear slide to be too high and the thermal expansion to be too large, which will cause the radial clearance to be significantly reduced, the friction will further intensify, and the temperature coefficient will increase.


       We consider a vibration system consisting of a linear slide and an eccentric system as a single degree of freedom system. The resonance frequency of the drive system and the driven axis of the linear slide rail exists at a certain value. Once a certain excitation frequency is close to the resonance frequency, a resonance phenomenon will occur. In addition, due to the centrifugal inertial force, bending vibration is likely to occur, which affects the life of the linear slide. Once the rotational speed is close to the critical value, bending resonance will occur.


       From the signs of spalling, indentation, rust, crack, abrasion, etc. will be reflected in the linear slide rail in the vibration measurement, the linear slide rail vibration is more sensitive to its damage, so we use a special vibration measurement for the linear slide rail An analyzer (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the magnitude of the vibration, and the specific details of the anomaly can be inferred from the frequency. Because the measured value is different due to the use conditions of the linear slide or the installation position of the sensor, we need to analyze and compare the measured values of each machine in advance before making an accurate judgment standard. Because the linear slide rails have slight peeling damage, they will emit abnormal sounds and irregular sounds. Therefore, we need to use a sound detector to distinguish them and use a sound detector to check the size and sound quality during operation to prevent it. Effect.


       Finally, in order to keep the linear slide in a good running state for a long time, it is necessary to maintain, repair and prevent accidents in advance to ensure the reliability of its operation and improve the economic efficiency of production. Maintenance is carried out on a regular basis in accordance with the standards of the corresponding machine operating conditions. This includes monitoring the operating status, replenishing or replacing lubricants in a timely manner, and performing periodic disassembly inspections.