How linear guides reinforce components

- Feb 05, 2020-

How linear guides reinforce components

With the rapid development of the automation industry, China's manufacturing industry is also constantly improving. At present, in the work of machine tools, CPC linear guides are usually used for splicing and debugging, so that it is more convenient to reinforce with precision components. Generally, the steel wire method is used to load the steel rail on the machine tool into the slider, and then the lens is pointed at the wire in the machine, so that the wire can be fixed and placed vertically on the machine.


       In addition, for some elements with cross-sectional geometric shapes, linear guides are more complicated than flat guides because grooves are added to the surface to facilitate the sliding of other components and improve processing efficiency. When moving the slider, you can find the straightness of the rails at any position, and adjust the length of the rails appropriately to adjust the position to the right of the horizontal plane.


       According to our technical engineer from Dongguan Chuangweida, in general, the grooves on the linear guide are determined by the machine tool system's shape and quantity, which determines the machine's functional characteristics. Operation, no other material steel ball is required, usually the straightness of the precision guide rail in the horizontal plane is controlled within the range of 0.3mm.


       From the above understanding, we know that the transmission coefficient of linear guides in high-speed motion will reduce the friction coefficient after long-term operation and increase the overall sensitivity during operation. In addition, in the mounting of the steel ball bracket, the positioning accuracy of the overall machine tool should be improved to reduce its friction factor. The use of linear guides in most equipment manufacturers can make the process of machine tools simpler and faster, which can achieve the purpose of reducing costs, and can also improve other processing plastics.