Guide rail design and dust prevention knowledge

- Nov 16, 2019-

Guide rail design and dust prevention knowledge

Linear guides are often prone to dust during use. The inhaled dust accumulates in the fixing screws of the guide rail and on the rail surface, so that the service life of the rolling linear guide is drastically lowered. Sealed end caps and sealing backsheets are used to prevent dust and debris from entering the interior of the slider. In order to improve the dust-proof capability, the linear motion system is equipped with special gaskets and cleaning rings made of special synthetic rubber with high wear resistance.


       Rails, which have been widely used in various industries, have such achievements, and the most important reason is that it is advanced in appearance and internal design, and can be operated quickly and stably according to various needs.


       There are many ways to maintain the linear guides daily. The dust prevention knowledge is one of them. After the accumulation of time, there will be a lot of dust on the guide rail slots, which affects the work efficiency.


       The linear guide system adopts a special design according to the requirements, which is convenient and stable, and the contact area between the fixed component and the moving component is increased. This design does not improve the load carrying capacity of the system, and the system can withstand the impact force generated by intermittent cutting or gravity cutting, spread the force widely, and expand the area of the bearing capacity.


       In order to meet this demand, the guide rail system is designed with a variety of groove shapes, the most representative of which are two designs: one is called the Gothic (pointed arch), the shape is a half-length extension, and the contact point is The apex; the other is a circular arc, which can also play the same role. Regardless of the type of construction, there is only one purpose, and it is intended to bring more rolling steel ball radii into contact with the guide rail (fixing element).


       This design can meet the needs of most users. Therefore, the design of the guide rail can be recognized, but we can only deal with the dustproof. After all, good design needs to be supported, so we must implement it for dust prevention. .


       The guard of the guide rail is used to prevent cutting, dust and other objects from falling onto the surface of the guide rail. The moving rail ends are equipped with scrapers; various types of protective covers are used to prevent the guide rails from being exposed. After years of experience, it has summarized two better rail dust-proof methods, which can help the rails to be cleaned and better maintained and maintained.

       1. Seal the end cap and seal the backsheet to prevent dust and debris from entering the inside of the slider.

       2. Use a protective cover. Here, we recommend two linear guide shields: a folding guard and a retractable shield.