Failure analysis of the silver straight rail

- Apr 30, 2020-

Failure analysis of the silver straight rail

There are many factors that cause the crawling phenomenon of the silver straight rail on the machine tool. The following describes some ways to eliminate it according to different elements.

The installation accuracy of the machine tool components is low, the transmission organization has poor rigidity, and the transmission force is lacking. The components of the transmission organization on the machine tool have poor coaxiality and parallelism during the installation process. The friction force that forms the transmission system increases, and the transmission force decreases and the crawler of the linear guide rails occurs. The bracket of the original design of the machine tool may have poor rigidity of the fastener, and it is elastic under the transmission pressure. Because there are too many levels of transmission, friction resistance offsets part of the transmission force and lack of transmission torque, and the crawling phenomenon on the silver linear guide surface can also occur.

Elimination method: Look at the transmission organization of the machine tool from the beginning, find out the unsuitable parts for adjustment, or reassemble after disassembly to make it fit well, reduce the frictional resistance of the parts to eliminate the creep caused by the lack of transmission force; strengthen the rigidity of the transmission parts To increase its strength and prevent it from appearing elastic. Transform the transmission system, reduce the transmission level of the machine, and improve the transmission efficiency of the machine to ensure sufficient transmission force and eliminate crawling.

Rotating parts are unbalanced

The high-speed rotating parts on the machine tool are not balanced. When the high-speed rotating parts are running, the dynamic imbalance point will follow the high-speed rotation to show centrifugal force, mechanical vibration waves will occur, and the vibration wave and the linear guide will form a crawl phenomenon.

Elimination method: balance the rotor of the motor, the impeller on the air pump, or other high-speed rotating parts, eliminate the elements of mechanical vibration, and eliminate the phenomenon of crawling; install rubber pads on the bottom of the motor base, air pump base, or other high-speed rotating parts , Wool felt, and other flexible materials to reduce the impact of mechanical vibration on the silver linear guide on the machine tool to prevent crawling.