Explore two forms of linear guide preload

- Jan 25, 2020-

Explore two forms of linear guide preload

The preload is to load the steel ball in advance, that is, to increase the diameter of the steel ball, and use the negative gap between the steel ball and the bead to give preload to improve the rigidity of the linear guide and eliminate the gap. Therefore, the preload can be changed by changing the diameter of the slider steel ball.


       With the innovative opening of industrial automation, China's manufacturing has gradually moved towards internationalization. At present, the application of CPC linear guides in the field of numerical control is widely adopted, occupying the dominant position of the entire industry. The following editors will introduce the two types of linear guide preloading for everyone.


       There are two ways to correctly debug the linear guide preload:


       The first point is to use adjustment elements; use screws for pre-tensioning, or use 锲 -shaped inserts to move and adjust in the longitudinal direction, and then perform pre-tensioning operations. Adjust with 锲 -shaped inserts to make the interference amount on the linear guide more evenly distributed over the entire length


       The second point is to use interference fit; before assembly, the actual dimensions between the rolling element bus bars, the scraping board and the sliding surface, and the contained dimensions. When installing the slider, you need to pay attention to the slide rails. Combined with the amount of interference in the place, the proper amount of interference can increase the contact stiffness of the guide rail, and it is not easy to cause excessive traction. In general, we can choose to measure the traction force to determine whether the preload is suitable, so as to determine whether this preload can be withstood during operation.