Explore the preload and rigidity of linear guides

- Jan 27, 2020-

Explore the preload and rigidity of linear guides

The linear guide rail can apply preload to improve rigidity. The preload is to adjust the negative gap to create a negative gap between the steel ball and the groove. It is applied to the internal load in advance. Therefore, in the life calculation, the preload must be considered If you enter the working load, the preload will increase and the life will be reduced. The preload level of the linear guide is divided into the following types, where C is the basic rated load.


       First, light preload Z0

       The pre-pressure is controlled between 0-0.02C, which is suitable for equipment with low load, small vibration and shock, low accuracy and high smoothness. Generally used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, punching machines, welding machines, various robots, automatic packaging machines, general industrial machinery XY axis, industrial exchange devices, various material supply devices, other small linear sliding devices.


       Second, medium preload Z1

       The pre-pressure is controlled between 0.03-0.05C. The applicable conditions are heavy load, high precision equipment or equipment with high vibration, high impact and high rigidity. It is suitable for table feed shaft, CNC lathe, automatic coating machine, industrial Robots, Z-axis of general industrial machinery, printed circuit board punch, EDM machine, tester, precision XY platform.


       Third, heavy preload Z1

       The preload control is between 0.06 and 0.08c, and the applicable conditions are large vibration, large impact, good rigidity, heavy load, high precision, and equipment suitable for machining centers. It is usually applied to CNC lathes, milling machines, vertical horizontal boring machines, Work machine Z axis, etc.


       From the above understanding, we must be more clear, because the linear guide is the core of many transmission components, our daily maintenance is also very important. If you have any good suggestions or questions, welcome to discuss with us!