Due to the strong demand in the machine tool industry, linear guide rails are in short supply

- Dec 27, 2019-

Due to the strong demand in the machine tool industry, linear guide rails are in short supply


At present, the demand for machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing equipment is unprecedented. According to the Machine Tool Industry Association report, the order value of machine tools has reached the highest level in the past year. Orders exceeding the expected amount provide a linear guide for determining accurate positions. The output of the components is not enough. The industry's stakeholders also pointed out that "it is due to a shortage of important components. The delivery date of the machine can be delayed to the annual". Therefore, how to solve the shortage of important parts is also the machine tool manufacturer and A major problem that component manufacturers need to solve.


The head of the Japanese THK manufacturer supplying linear guide sliders indicates the current status quo: "At present, the supply of linear guide slides for the entire industry cannot meet the demand, and the delivery date is more than one year." Other parts, such as linear guides that determine precise position Sliders, such as ball screws, also face the same problem.


Regular supply of ball screws, general delivery date of about 1-2 months, additional orders, ", but the delivery time of necessary products that need to be redesigned has been extended to 6 months to 1 year,"

     Now, the problem of increasing the production of important components is imminent.


There are many reasons for this. For example, in the autumn of 16 years, according to the phenomenon of semiconductor silicon cycle, the demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment that should be reduced is increasing, along with the booming smartphone market in March of 17. The demand for equipment has increased dramatically.


In the two years from 17 to 18 years, THK has invested 50 billion yen to produce precision equipment such as linear guide sliders, and established new factories in Japan and Vietnam. The current productivity of Chinese factories is in 2017. It has exceeded Expected level.

     Today, various manufacturers are striving to shorten the production cycle. For example, Seiko began to improve equipment and shorten the production cycle by introducing cutting and grinding integrated devices.