Cross roller guide pair installation

- Jan 11, 2019-

1. Wipe the anti-rust oil on the part base surface with a degreaser. Since the reference surface from which the rust preventive oil is removed is likely to rust, it can be reused on a paint having a low viscosity.

2. After the side bases of the parts 1 to 3 are placed on the side surface of the stepped side, the screws are pre-fixed on the bed and the sliding table reference surface, and the tightening force is not too large, so that the bottom surface of the part is closely engaged with the opposite reference surface. Just fine.

3. Temporarily fix the part 4 on the adjustment side.

4. Carefully insert the cage near the center.

5. Install the end stop at the end of the rail.

6. Move the slider to the left and right and adjust the cage to the center of the bed.