Correct selection of micro guides

- Dec 09, 2019-

Correct selection of micro guides

Many professional micro-rail manufacturers can choose the micro-rails according to different conditions of use, and the life of the guide rails is necessary. For the guide rail, the performance will be relatively stable, the structure of the structure itself is simple, and the operation in the transmission is also simple, so it is not an easy task to actually select the appropriate micro-rail.


In view of the shortcomings of micro-rail life dispersion, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects. The basic static rated load uses the steel ball as the rated life of the rolling element, which makes the machining component of the processing machine more and more high processing precision, the contact area between the guide rail and the slider reference surface is the maximum stress parallelism error, the loading direction distance And equal to the size of the country, the parallelism of the walking as the rated life of the rolling element, generally can be divided into general-purpose, advanced, precision, can be divided into different preloading levels according to the size of the preloading.


Due to the increasing precision of the rail machinery industry, the preloading process has remained stable, always with certain values of the steel ball and raceway surface and the pressure of the application range, depending on the conditions of use, load capacity, choice and life expectancy. Ball screw is the most commonly used mechanical tool and precision mechanical transmission component. Its main function is to increase the pressure, convert the rotary motion into linear motion, or convert the torque into axial force, and repeatedly select the linear guide pair with insufficient rigidity. Increase the size of the selection or increase the number of sliders to increase rigidity, while having high precision, good reversibility and high efficiency.


There are many industries that can be applied to micro-rails, so several professional micro-rail manufacturers do not need to worry about the market. Just the market, the quality is not up, this is also a fatal factor, which is why imported products are occupied. Most of the market share. Before you choose a good material, you can improve the process and quality, so that you can play a real role in development.