Application of Linear Guides in Equipment with Poor Environment

- Feb 11, 2020-

Application of Linear Guides in Equipment with Poor Environment

We all know that linear guides are a kind of mechanical transmission components. In real life, almost all industries involving machine tool transmissions use linear guides. Since linear guides are so popular, they will not be used in all industries. Will it be affected by certain factors?


       Linear guide drive lubrication is very prominent in machinery and equipment, but it is frequently restricted in industries with poor environments. For example, special attention needs to be paid to these industries such as cement plants, mixers, and turbines. Because it produces more impurities, crumbs, and dust, it directly affects its use and leads to a decline in overall efficiency.


       So, what details should be paid attention to when the linear guide is used in the equipment with poor environment? It is understood that in practical applications, most of our operators will directly add a layer of dust cover directly on the linear guide, so that the linear guide will not be particularly affected when it runs; in fact, we have A way to solve this problem. In simple terms, the slider on the linear guide has been added with a special dust-proof configuration for the slider.


       In general, when enterprises use linear equipment to run linear guide rails in poor environments, we must strictly take precautionary measures in accordance with routine operations to avoid being affected during use.